Idiotic Lawsuit (Part Deux)


If you follow my blog (ha ha ha ha ha), you'll have read yesterday's post about the idiotic lawsuit we just received notice about yesterday. A bit more information has come to light since that post, so I figured I'd post an update.

To summarize yesterday's post: Company AB and an employee from Company C are being sued for defamation by Company D for an image showing that Company D was actively engaging in theft.

Today I was informed of more information about the lawsuit which made me laugh a little at the sheer idiocy.

Now entering the ring is Company E!

In addition to Company C's bin in the photograph that was circulated via text, Company E's bin was ALSO shown in the photograph. Now, Company E is in DIRECT COMPETITION with Company D, given they are both in the same city, and Company E decided... let's go to war.

Company E filed suit against Company D after being the recipients of the picture in question because, like Company C's bin, Company E's bin was also being offloaded of material IN THE SAME PICTURE.

It was only after it was brought to the attention of Company D that the employee from Company C had not only taken the picture but also circulated the picture that made its way into the hands of Company E that the lawsuit against Company AB and Company C's employee came about.

So, are they being injured by the existence and circulation of said picture? I'd say yes, but RIGHTFULLY SO.

*Cue Company F's entrance music.*

As if this mess couldn't get ANY MORE SORDID... in comes Company F. Like Company E, Company F is also in direct competition with Company D, and let me tell you, Company F hates Company D. In fact, Company F hates Company D SO MUCH that it has informed Company C that it will financially back whatever lawsuit they choose to bring against Company D.

It's the wild west of scrap metal, y'all.

IN ADDITION TO ALL OF THIS, Company E has also let Company AB and C know that they are willing to be a part of any countersuit brought against Company D. All we have to do is say the word.

At first I was incredibly annoyed at having been brought into someone else's mess, but now I'm finding the drama amusing at the very least.

If there are any updates I can give, you'd best believe I'll be posting them here.

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