Ten Years Ago


I know, I know, I'm here again even without signs of anyone actually following along or reading any of these. Even if I'm just shouting into the void, I suppose I'll keep posting as the urges come.


I'm here to tell you how smart I was 10 years ago. Somewhere in the depths of my cavernous skull, I knew that I would need something now, here in 2021.

A little backstory first.

So, while I thought that I was going to be "done" with scrap metal, I haven't been. Because we still technically own 3 metal companies, and because we still own our original ferrous yard, we're still up to our ankles in the metal market.

Around about 2010, my partner and I decided to sell our eBay business (we were one of the biggest Canadian eBay Powersellers at the time), get our class 1/A licenses (for driving semi trucks), and go haul steel for our newly acquired ferrous yard. So, that's what we did.

At the time, the company was very new, so it was easy for me to manage the yard, the accounting, and drive truck. Aside from our non-ferrous yard, this was the only other company I really managed at the time. (If you'd told me then that I'd be managing 8 companies now, I'd have laughed in your face because that would have been preposterous.)

In February 2011, for whatever reason, I decided that I needed to set up the company with a wire payment option. I'm not even sure we actually used it then. But I set it up.

Fast forward to today.

I was discussing a recent purchase of a load of copper with my Girl Friday, and said to her "I wish we'd gotten our wire payment system set up before we bought this copper," but right then I picked up a letter from the bank. It was about a wire payment option for the very company that I was talking about!

I shot off an e-mail to my commercial bank manager, asking him if the documentation was correct and that we did, in fact, have a wire payment account set up with them, because I sure as heck didn't remember setting it up. He e-mailed back and said, yes, we did have one set up and he sent me the documentation that showed I'd set it up in 2011!

So, now all I have to do is get the login reset and a new TOTP token issued. Thank you, ten-year-ago self!



One of my associates is in the process of setting up another scrap yard (and yes, I'm managing the documentation for that as well now, yay), and since my ex-yard-manager is less-than-happy working with the new owners of our sold yard, he's been invited to go work at the new scrap yard. So, come October, he's moving his wife and kids and going to work there.

We did offer to have him come clean up what's left in our ferrous yard, and he'll probably do that as well, but as it was not a permanent position, we didn't want to make him an offer, have him come work, only to let him go when it was all done, so this will work out quite nicely.

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