It Is Finished!


It has been 7 months. Seven LONG months. Today, we got the final payment finishing the sale of the scrap yard.

I am beyond pleased that it is over and done with.

And let me tell you, it was definitely not without its recent bumps and bruises. Last Friday, after going back and forth with their lawyer over the final paperwork, we gave them an ultimatum: sign the papers, or you have 30 days to get your material, equipment, and staff off the property.

That kicked them into gear. For a moment.

This week, they argued over definitions and whether there was a lien on the property (hello, you can check, there's none) and finally, I told the lawyer: put your foot down, tell them that they've now used up 7 of their 30 days to get their crap off the property. And then I prayed that God, who knew what was best would get everything into order.

He did. The funds were transferred to the trust today and by next week, the title will be transferred and we will wash our hands of the mess.

I am so glad and thankful that it is over with and I can finally breathe, free and clear, AND it happened on a Friday which means I'm going to celebrate all weekend.

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