Morning Amusement


I'm amused.

Up until a few minutes ago, if you were to call Farm Credit Canada's North Battleford office, you'd talk to me! I told my team I quit and that I was going to take up the job of just answering FCC's calls and discussing all of life's little foibles. I couldn't call them to tell them that they've forwarded their number incorrectly, because I'd just get my own voicemail. So, I called another one of their offices to see what I could do.

One fellow ended up calling me 4 times. He thought it had to be an error with his phone.

Him: I'm going to try the other number one more time.
Me: OK! Talk to you soon!
Him: *calls back*
Me: Hi! Hello! How are you? Long time no talk!

The amusement has ended, but it was fun to talk to the farmers! Being Canadian, they were all very apologetic, except for the person who was actually in charge of getting the number properly forwarded.

Them: It was forwarded to the correct number.
Me: Then I guess it's just a coincidence that I got numerous calls for FCC, not only to your direct line, but also to your toll-free number.

Anyway, I'm clearly still alive here, just buried under miles of work.

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